Tandarts Anis Borgi
Implantology and Surgery 

Tandarts Borgi graduated from the University of Cluj in 2010. During his practical years, he was mainly focused in the field of surgery/implantology. After his studies, he spend 1 year in the surgical department of the military hospital of Tunisia where he gained extensive knowledge and practice. Moreover, he attended several lectures and hands-on courses in several subjects related to implants and bone graft. He is perfectly fluent in English, French, Italian, Romanian and Arabic. 

Tandarts Amiram Avitan
Endodontic and Esthetic Dentistry

Tandarts Avitan moved from Canada to Hungary to obtain his D.M.D degree in Szeged. During his practical years, he was mainly focused in the field of aesthetics. He attended several lectures and courses related to aesthetics fillings, inlays, veneers, full ceramic restorations, and smile design. Moreover, he also gained knowledge and practice in the field of endodontics and implant prosthetics. He is perfectly fluent in English, French, Hebrew and Hungarian.

Tandarts Lucas Bonno
Algemene Tandarts
Tandarts Zied Hichri
Algemene Tandarts
Tandarts Syed Alam
Specialist in Oral Surgery
Orthodontiste Ben Hesami
Specialist in Orthodontics (Braces)
Tandarts Chebil
Algemene Tandarts


Zemfira De Jong
Chief Assistant
Alexandra Almeida
Dental Assistant
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